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Updated: Apr 7, 2018

POP a PROP from a decor SHOP…

Let it be an amusing part in your interior art.

And that’s unique interior style we bring to you to energize your Spirits and Spaces…

Wow!! So, Vibrant, cool, colorful and Modern, Right??? Well If that’s the expression you have seeing an interior space, you definitely are witnessing a “POP ART DECOR STYLE”…

Its “POP”… it’s popular, adding an unusual punch – an effect that ignites you eyeballs, making you feel simply amazing in a perfectly chic and modern ambience.

Pop-Art Style is dashingly modern and contemporary art movement which still holds a really popular and present status in interior decor. It is a provocative, daring, bold and colorful interior style.

Emerging in the mid 1950’s in both New York and London, POP Art- reached its peak in 1960’s. Young artists felt that what they were taught at art school and what they saw in museums did not have anything to do with their lives or the things they saw around them every day. So, POP-Art was in part-a rebellious reaction against this status quo.

Therefore, the young artists turned to sources such as Hollywood movies, Celebrities, Advertising, news, flower power, product packaging, pop music, pop stars and comic books for their imagery and the POP iconography.

Décor in POP- Art Style calls for vivid accents, flashy colors, elegant and futuristic furniture, vibrant and unique wall effects interesting prints and patterns and huge does of experiments at on.

The color-scheme in this style is bright, rich, dashing and dynamic.

Its crimson, yellow, purple, blue and green… Game of Contrast and textures is welcomed warmly in pop Art Style.

Accessorizing in POP-Style is superbly interesting as there coming exclusivity interesting when props like- Superman figures, Marilyn Monroe posters in different colors, plastic vases of screaming colors, colorful pillow, comic creators, etc., become a real décor elements in space design.


Here’s a look of an office which under-went a revamp from the monotone look to the eye-catching POP Style Office.
A leading School’s Director Office that looked a bit draggy and dull, was then treated by interior designer and stylist GURJOT SHAN who runs a design studio, GURJOT SHAN DESIGNS- with a dose of bright and cheerful treatments to add an energetic statement.


The revamp concept- was built around the “BRITISH-POP Art” theme. The color scheme blocked for this particular space is the combination of bright-hues of red, blue and yellow with neutrals of beige and white balance it with the overall dark wood interior look. Red and Blue were used in more quantities and the sunny yellow as an accent color...

  • The red beige and white striped wallpaper adds length to the wall while looking brightly apt for a professional work space.

  • Thus, worthy contrast, this wall was created by using geometric lines in the wallpaper and pearl white abstract pattered cutout on a dark brown laminated niche strip.

  • Dullness of the dark Brown laminate on the wooden niche projection was further highlighted by embossing a pearl white abstract- outwork in wood.

  • This royal blue and red, vibrant retro-futuristic two-seater sofa with bright yellow piping and buttoned cushions; becomes the focal point replacing the old bulky white sofa.

  • Zebra Roller Blinds in neutral shade adds characters to the large fixed glass with an added degree of control over viewing.

  • A lush green planter is placed in the corner zone of the window to accentuate the area and add vertical length against the horizontal roller blinds.

  • Vintage accessories in “POP-Art Style” were processed to re-establish the British theme, so,-props like British Telephone booths globe, Bookend, Pen Stand, Map Table Clock, etc, were used.

  • Unconventional decor accessories like these Antique Vintage aircraft models in red, blue and huge chain are used to highlight the vision appreciation of creative insight of the western world.

  • The bright red Buddha sculpture adds-an Indian POP-Art style to the Niche.

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