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Interior Designer Gurjot Shan
Gurjot Shan is a passionate being with a creative soul and a heart full of dreams who firmly believes that -

“Creativity is heterogeneous & can roll into various realms with a glorious mystery.”

It is with this ideology in mind that she founded Gurjot Shan Designs...

Living up to the founder’s dream, we at GSD have spread our wings across various dynamic domains and exercised our creative prowess in creating designs that are powerful and speak to you!!
We believe that our job as designers is actuated only when our designs can successfully reflect your vision. As designers we like to know who you are as a person? what is your passion? what is your driving force? what inspires you? what makes you smile? ...... and then we put to use our passion for patterns, colors, shapes and fashion them in ways that bring your dreams alive. We believe in longevity, functionality and quality of designs. We impart character to your space.
We make your space an extension of your persona.
esides adding value to the commercial, residential and
workplace environments,
GSD also believes in enhancing your events and brand personas.
We believe in providing an experience through our artwork; an experience that has a personal and intimate touch! We have an exclusive ideology of providing value to our customer. We value your inputs, we understand you and your need, we care for your satisfaction and we also strive to establish strong and lasting relationships.

We make

your space

an extension

of your persona.

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