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Updated: May 11, 2021


This black & white bedroom story is all about attracting opposites – don’t let your imagination run wild, as here my reference is to the captivating contrast created by the combination of the two divergent colors – ‘Black & White’ in the world of interior design. As one finds them communicating powerful design statements together....... In the recent apartment interior design project, we gave the eldest son’s bedroom design a modern, stylish and edgy look. By using a ‘black & white’ color scheme that works as a good option for a boy’s bedroom in a contemporary residential interior space concept, we eventually got this opportunity to create a masculine vibe. Also, some accents colors like yellow, lime green & turquoise added a cheerful, sunny & playful effect to the black & white design theme.

The simplicity of the monochromatic color combination creates a classic, timeless & peaceful look, which is what a room intends to feel. The ‘black & white’ color palette creates a perfect calming retreat in the given bedroom space.

Moreover, teaming up this color scheme with clean & simple lines throughout in the furniture design & furnishing elements gives a trendy look. The bedroom furniture further renders a soothing interest in the space with our use of natural wood browns.

We designed a modern natural wood double bed with clean lines. The headboard & foot-board along with the bed-side tables have wooden stripes running throughout the length & alternating between natural wood polish & Matt ivory-white paint finishes.

An interesting contrast is also established by using graphic & geometric prints & patterns in the bedding, accent pillow/cushions, bed runner, etc…...

Just making the ambiance simply more enjoyable!!

White color takes the center stage in this pristine bedroom & the black gets highlighted as accents in the wall art, accessories, decorative lights & furnishings, that add just the right amount of required contrast.

To add more casual & artistic feel to the space, these exquisite & iconic bottle crowns in metal are strategically placed over the bed as wall art pieces. These too give a subtle industrial twist as décor props & be the accessories of focal prominence in the room.

All the décor elements in the room are choice-fully used to achieve a cohesive look throughout.

In this modern bedroom décor ---

the black iron 'Tolix Style’- industrial retro chairs with eye-catching cushions in yellow and monochromatic colors & graphics impart that bit of boyish ruggedness & drama with ‘good vibes’!


Combining straight lines & angles with soft curvatures in simple colors & elegant placements, result in a well-balanced & pleasant décor style. Likewise, the above bedroom design depicts a perfect way to blend the trendy & modish look with subdued color theme and mod detailing. So here, this bed design looks absolutely refreshing & inviting, dressed up in striking geometric-monochromatic linens.

Accent colors like the lively lemon-green & oceanic turquoise when added to this room through the funky & eye-popping table photo frames placed on the bed-side tables rendered additional interest & a hint of spring freshness!!

Walls painted in a soft ivory white serves as a perfect background for the vintage French elements.

This chic, retro circular ‘Antique-de-Paris’ wall clock with classic roman numerals and the vintage ‘Bicycle wall light’ together garner a special attention in the interiors.

A workable bedroom space also remains to be the gen-next need...

A sleek, contemporary & minimalistic study zone is created in this room space to establish the right balance between an aesthetic & functional bedroom interior design. Straight line-wooden study table and a 3-tier open wall book shelf makes the space more purposeful. In addition, something as simple as a small green planter & a red lantern has made the book shelving space feel fresh.

Notice that retro iron ‘bicycle droplight’, hanging in that cool corner that connects the room in two-dimensions, bringing in a distinctive Parisian character and perfectly rendering a classic & rustic touch in the chic bedroom design.

Hope you enjoyed learning about our approach at Gurjot Shan Designs…... while doing up an interior design project!


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