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Gurjot Shan, Interior Designer - Chandigarh I Panchkula I Mohali

Your home is your exclusive abode that gives you sense of security, compassion, belongingness- a space where you can just be yourself in true spirits and comfort.

In these pandemic and lockdown times, when we are all confined within the periphery of our homes, it gets moreover essential to uplift our home spaces into a tranquil dwelling place which resonates happiness, vibrance and bliss.

To make our homes more pleasing and energetic, here are a few interior design tips that would help you stay in positive vibes; from the beautiful spring this year, we have been marching towards the summer days, full of sunshine. With this new slow living trend, consider re-inventing your home interiors through the mix and match theory. Be it colors, patterns, textures, furniture layouts, etc., change the way they adorn your spaces. For getting a better knowhow on your space related needs please reach out to us at working since 2005 as Interior Designers in Chandigarh.

1. Declutter- A cluttered home with a collection of disorganized items, lying here and there, negatively impacts the mind of its inhabitants, adding stress, exhaustion and confusion all around.

Start focusing one space at a time, maybe a drawer or a shelf in a room to begin with. Eventually, when you discard the unwanted stuff and regularly view only those belongings that add value to your existence, it energizes your mental health and boosts your physical well-being. Revisit those corners, reorganize the stuff to mark a positive difference in your life in these uncertain times.

2. Re-arrange- Let those furniture pieces at home have some fun by changing their placements and making your home spaces look different, refreshing without shelling out a penny!

You now have all the time to rethink, repurpose and re-align your furniture possessions in new perspectives, for re-defining your living style. Make a lucrative “me-time” space for yourself at home, a small corner in any room where you could sit for a tea or coffee with yourself and read, write, sing, smile, contemplate or just relax. It could simply be a comfortable chair, a small foot stool with your favourite cushions along with a side table or a small cabinet. Place a floor rug or a table lamp next to it, make sure you have plug point nearby. Put your likeable stuff like books, magazines, table clock, iPad, photo frame, planter, etc.

Let that console shift from the living room to your bedroom for you to place the things that make you happy. Place a sound bar on it with some quirky props and stay motivated each day.

3. Light it up- Let there be light… And this one is critically important aspect, as adequate light in an indoor space improves our mood and mental energy level at each time zone in a day.

Sufficient amount of natural light and the type of artificial lighting in interiors effect various aspects of our daily life like concentration, sense of happiness, appetite etc.

Incorporating effective and flexible home interior lighting is the key to make the most of your spaces, from cool light in the dawn to white day light at mid-day and warm ambient light in the evening. Here, the purpose of each room would be redefined. For example, the dining space can be transformed into a home workspace in the day time with some natural light coming in from the windows along with indoor white artificial lights. Whereas, in the evening the same space could return to the warm dining vibes with soft yellow and warm lights.

So flexible lighting options in home spaces can offer more interactive and functional purposes in these lockdown times, with much of an investment.

4. Bring in the outdoor charm- There lies a symbiotic relationship between the humans and the mother nature. A home in-tune with nature, specially in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali brings in the opportunity to get inspiration from the outside green surroundings and to add a pleasing vibe to enliven the indoor spaces.

From color palettes to textures, from patterns to planters, there is so much vibrance that the nature showers. Bringing these elements add simple pleasures in home interiors. The refreshing blues of water and sky, the greens of grass, leaves and trees, the floral blooms in yellow, pink, orange, lavender along with the neutral whites, browns and beiges make the home feel calming, natural and rejuvenating. Play with some pastel shades or bright tones through your bedspreads, cushions, table linen, throws etc. and revamp the indoors with outdoor essence. Integrating tropical curios, abstract patterns, earthy and grainy textures, floral prints on curtain fabrics, as artwork or in décor accessories would introduce a chic style in your residential enclosures. While in furnishings, using natural fibers and eco-friendly materials like wicker cane, cotton, jute, rattan are some wonderful components to add on.

For an additional punch of nature, add indoor planters like- ferns, snake plant, bamboo, areca palm, aloe vera, green spider or money plant. These planters small or big placed in different corners of the house would not only add adequate greenery and evoke an earthy feel but also render an aesthetic touch while further purifying the indoor air quality.

5. Accessorize - Accessorize your indoor nooks and corners with a few organic décor elements like sea-shells, pine-cones, fresh flowers in a mason jar or a glass vase. DECORATE further with floral potpourri, incense sticks, aromatic diffuser oil and wind chimes for proliferating a calming sense of existence.

With time on your side, make your home interiors an interesting indulgence to enhance the essence of well being in your cocoons. Bring in those Interior Designer vibes and pick up some paint and a brush, recolor an old furniture piece as experiments are great explorations!! Stay home, Stay safe, Stay happy and Stay enriched.

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