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Through a combination of these three disciplines --

GSD offers you a holistic set of services where we integrate the scientific technique of interior architecture with the skill of interior Designing and the art of interior decor to provide you a space that is both elegant and functional.

For us, Interior designing & decoration is the art of playing with patterns, colors, blend of the shades and inspirational elements in a space to augment the utilitarian experience of that environment while making it beautiful...


We blend the art and science of interior decoration, design and decor to actualize a space that not only reflects your persona but is healthier and aesthetically more habitable.

We help you pick the perfect colors, the most uplifting drapes for your windows, the pieces of furniture that best reflect your statement and style, those small yet significant elements that will add just the right amount of oomph to your space!

Gurjot Shan is a designer with difference...

Her decor styles leans on eclectic...
Eclecticism is a unique amalgamation of originality, style, personality and creativity. It's a calling for those who believe, in their heart, that creativity cannot be contained in airtight compartments. It is a style that does not conform to strict rules and still demands a sound technical prowess. It is so easy to love, yet a bit trickier to achieve. One has to be more than just a designer to practice eclecticism. It is the choice of artists.